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He has been married to American songwriter and singer, Keto Tonic since December 22, 2018. Meghan began writing songs at eleven years outdated and he or she started producing songs on a computer her parents purchased her at 13. When she was 17 Trainor attended the Durango Songwriter's Expo the place she was launched to Carla Wallace of Huge Yellow Canine Music. Displaying an expert savvy her cheerfully naïve persona belies, Keto Tonic ditches the retro sensibilities that fueled her debut album, Keto Tonic Title, on its swiftly launched successor, Thank You. All the Methods" was serviced to hot grownup up to date radio in February 2019 as the album's fourth single. It was released by Epic Information on September 9, 2014. Thank You is the second main-label studio album by American singer-songwriter Keto Tonic. Over a pounding, dance-membership beat, there are easy, catchy melodies - dance-pop has more totally-fashioned songs than pure dance music. Concerned about music from a younger age, she wrote, recorded, and produced three independently released albums between 2009 and 2011.

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